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Фрезы фасочные комбинированные (фаска и радиус)

Фрезы фасочные комбинированные (фаска и радиус)

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... Для сортировки строк по двум и более параметрам удерживайте клавишу SHIFT.

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2377 900.623.11 HW 2 31,7 12 4,76 100 38,1 45° 199.44 руб. В Купить
These new CMT bits are ideal for making new awesome creations! Create a double 4,76mm (3/16”) roundover profile, a double 45° bevel or even a mixed profile on your wood panels easily and in a cost-effective way! Interchangeable shims are included to allow for different stock thicknesses according to the board. To be used on table-mounted routers. Avoid using these bits in hand-held power tools.

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