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Комбинированные фасочные фрезы для тримера

Комбинированные фасочные фрезы для тримера

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1810 742.095.11 HWM 1 6 38 9,5 6 32.25 руб. В Купить
1810 743.060.11 HWM 1 6 38 6 6 35.11 руб. В Купить
Work to your highest standards with the CMT combination trimmer bits. Now you can cut, trim and bevel all laminated without changing the bits. Achieve great results in straight or angled cuts on both soft and hardwood. Three popular sizes, each with carbide-tipped cutting edges for efficient bevel and straight trimming.
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Notice: these bits must be used with and edge, separate guide or fence.

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