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Фрезы ласточкин хвост с подшипником

Фрезы ласточкин хвост с подшипником

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... Для сортировки строк по двум и более параметрам удерживайте клавишу SHIFT.

Элемент каталога Артикул Модель инструмента Вид профиля Размер изделия Материал Z V T S R P B L K l1 l H B1 B2 D3 D2 D1 D_min D AFF AA A Цена,
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1561 718.098.11B HWM 2 6 60 9,5 9,5 14° 72.49 руб. В Купить
1561 718.127.11B HWM 2 6 52,4 12,7 12,7 14° 66.41 руб. В Купить
The beautifully crafted dovetail joint is a classic that appeals to both professionals and novices alike. Admired for its attractiveness in box and exposed joint projects, the dovetail is remarkably strong and functional. CMT dovetail bits are designed to fit all popular jigs including Leigh, Keller, JoinTECH and Omnijig systems. You are sure to find the bit you are looking for in our vast selection of cutting sizes and angles. Check the overall length of the bit before placing an order to be sure you get the size you need - CMT makes bits specifically to fit on jigs and routers that require a longer shank length.
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Shop tips: two passes are recommended when routing dovetails with a template. Check that the dovetails have been cut through completely and smoothly before removing the workpiece. For even easier routing and less stress on your dovetail bit, run the first pass with a straight bit. Use a dovetail on your router table equipped with a fence to achieve difficult chamfer angles.
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Safety tips: if a dovetail bit jams while working, adjust the position of the bit in the collet and make sure the cutting depth is correct. Do not lift the router out of the template.

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