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Фреза фасочная для искусственного камня

Фреза фасочная для искусственного камня

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Наличие Количество Купить
2059 966.501.11 HW 2 12 72 22,2 31,7 15° 123.54 руб. В Купить
2059 980.551.11 HW 2 12 77 25,4 28,5 10° 133.03 руб. В Купить
These bits are designed for undermount applications joining the countertops and sink bowls with a 10 (degree) beveled edge. Can be used with the 880.541.11 and 880.542.11 for complete undermount applications. For use on hand-held routers. Features a non-marring Delrin® bearing to protect the finished edges.

Special angled Delrin® sleeve on the bearing of the CMT bevel cutter lets you work without leaving marks on the workpiece. Trims and shapes all wood and wood materials. Perfect for kitchen and bathroom counter top work.

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