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Фрезы "вертикальная филенка"

Фрезы "вертикальная филенка"

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1570 990.603.11 C HW 2 18 12 76 38 38 166.79 руб. В Купить
Mill raised panel doors and drawer fronts easily and economically with a CMT vertical raised panels in your router* and a sturdy 90° fence on your router table. Choose your favourite style from three of the most popular panel profiles.
В В 
В В 
*Recommended for use on routers with a minimum speed of 1,7 KW (2-1/4 HP). Routers as low-powered as 1,1 kW (1-1/2 HP) can be used, but we suggest limiting their use to shorter, shallower runs.
В В 
В В 
Safety tips: the router table fence must be at least 150mm (6") high. Clamps and featherboards should be used when ever possible. Three to five passes are best for safety and accuracy.

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